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Elf Bot 8.70

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Elf Bot 8.70

Mensagem por DonJuan em 24/1/2011, 11:25

» light
» auto-food
» auto-logout
» auto-heal
» fish system
» make runes
» now ammo
» alerty
» Auto Looter
» Anti-Logout (Anti-Idle)
» Info on magic wall works
» Auto Open Backpack
» Improved Graphic User Interface
» Ammunition Re-stacker (bolts, arrows, etc)
» Amulet Changer
» Auto Attacker (pomocny przy treningu na slimach)
» Auto Eater (je z podłogi i plecaka)
» Auto Fisher (inteligętne łowienie ryb)
» Auto Healer
» Auto Heal Friend
» Auto Heal Party
» Auto Looter
» Auto Pickup
» Auto Stacker
» Auto Trainer
» Auto UHer
» Cavebot / Walker
» Chameleon
» Character Information Lookup
» Combobot
» Configuration Manager
» Console and GUI
» Equip Ammunition just right-click and click Use or put in Hotkey
» Equip Amulets just right-click and click Use or put in Hotkey
» Equip Rings just right-click and click Use or put in Hotkey
» Events Logging
» Experience Checker (plus Creatures needed to kill)
» Fake Tibia Title
» Floor Explorer (to see what's above, below or around you)
» Floor Lookup
» FPS Changer
» Guild Members Lookup
» Separate Hotkey Sets for every character
» Light Effects
» Mana Potion Drinker Potion (normal , strong , great)
» Map Viewer
» Namespy (or X-Ray)
» Open programs directly from Tibia
» działa z openTibiaServer'ami
» Rainbow Outfit
» Ring Changer
» Runemaker
» Send Location
» Spell
»Auto Exp

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